Mother, artist, singer, songwriter, poet, actress, and business woman.

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In Studio

Proudly providing professional lead & background vocals for various genres of music & art, including voice-over work. Book your session today!

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The Grind

Wanda Jae sings various genres of music in different bands around the city

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Heart on the Run

The song "Heart on the Run", is based on Wanda Jae's personal experience of domestic abuse in a past relationship.

Wanda Jae strives to express her story in this timeless piece of music to bring awareness to domestic abuse, singing every note in true form to perpetuate the realness of a distressed victim who loves another, but doesn't truly know how to leave an unhealthy relationship.

Self-Love is a dying art form in which Wanda has learned to thrive in. Through this musical ballad of an empty heart crying out to a distant lover, is the hope that others will awaken to their dark times and stand up and fight by walking away.  She hopes to inspire others with her testimony- to choose to love themselves first; an honor in which she has finally come to achieve.


New Music....

"Heart on the Run" single for purchase now!